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AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is a global leader in developing innovative technologies for a variety of marine focused applications including offshore wind resource assessment, real-time weather forecasting, and environmental monitoring from the tropics to the poles. With nearly 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, remote operational management, and service of these advanced oceanographic environmental monitoring systems, we have a dedicated team that has a passion for innovation and growth.  Located in beautiful Sidney, British Columbia, AXYS is one of Vancouver Island’s most sought after career choices and offers competitive compensation and benefits to its staff.

Role Outline:
The Product Development department requires an engineer to aid with Mooring and Mechanical Design. This hire could be either a seasoned senior engineer, or one earlier in their career who wants an opportunity to learn more and grow. Also interested in oceanography experience, but not required. You will work within a highly talented and motivated team to develop sophisticated environmental monitoring system for projects world-wide.

This position is flexible, with a desire for a full-time local resource that could work a combination of remote and in-office. Other more remote scenarios will be considered, We would also consider a remote part time solution solely focused on mooring design.

Engineering – Mooring Design – Primary Job Function:
  • Carry out desktop studies of global hydrographic conditions to define input parameters for mooring designs.
  • Run numerical simulations using ProteusDS to analyze mooring tension and platform stability.
  • Maintain company processes and best practice related to the design of moorings. Alignment of mooring designs to relevant industry mooring design standards including ISO 19901-7, DNV E301, and IALA 1066.
  • Develop and manage scripts in Python used to interpret large data sets generated during the numerical modelling process.
  • Manage 3rd party validation of AXYS mooring designs in accordance with client contracts.
  • Aid in platform selection and compose technical specifications for moorings and AXYS platforms in response to project RFQs.
  • Compose mooring drawings/diagrams using SolidWorks.
  • Compose mooring design reports that describe the survival characteristics of AXYS moorings.
  • Maintain a rounded understanding of cutting-edge mooring technologies and actively work towards innovating AXYS mooring designs.
  • Aid in the composition of operation and service instructions for AXYS moorings using applied knowledge of field work conditions.
  • Carries out or assists with department strategic initiatives.
  • Assist with information capture for department capital budget & resources.
  • Assist with engineering information resources – supplier and vendor relationships, 3rd party contractors and knowledge resources.
  • Improve automation related to the mooring design process (document/diagram composition, mooring analysis, pre-simulation, assessment of hydrographic conditions).
Engineering – Mechanical Design – Secondary Job Function
  • Design of platforms for MetOcean monitoring, including surface buoys, moorings, subsurface and seabed structures.
  • Execute AXYS procedures for design and development, control of non-conforming product, including dependency support for sales, field service, customer service.
  • Develop and modify procedures for quality control, document control, product testing, and mechanical design.
  • Create or update documentation for the fabrication, assembly, and maintenance of buoy systems.
  • Lead assembly, testing and troubleshooting products as required.
  • Field deployment and operation of prototype MetOcean and mooring systems when needed.
  • Apply expert level first principles knowledge of fundamental physical oceanographic processes including those related to waves, currents and tides.
  • Applies a working knowledge of best practices related to reducing biological impacts related to MetOcean systems. Maintains an understanding of relevant global governing bodies and regulations.
  • Maintain an intuitive understanding of global hydrographic conditions and use this knowledge base to inform deployment and design decisions related to AXYS products.
  • Maintain a rounded understanding of cutting-edge MetOcean technologies and their applicability to AXYS projects and platforms.
  • Aid the AXYS business acquisition team in determining valuable projects by maintaining an intimate understanding of the global economic oceanography landscape.Project Management
  • Manages or assists with a small set active set of projects. Monitors project execution and maintains project deliverables, budgets, schedule, status.
  • Ensuring project requirements are clearly identified and stakeholders are kept informed of project status.
  • Maintaining strong communication functions between stakeholders and departments for design review and design closeout requirements.
General Requirements
  • BSc/MEng or BEng/MSc relevant to the defined job function. Preferably BSc or MSc in Oceanography and BEng or MEng in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Alternative – BEng with notable experience in marine design or oceanography.
  • Holds or is eligible for Professional Engineering or EIT designation in BC.
  • Experience in completing design projects, delivering systems for the marine environment.
  • Holds a thorough understanding of product design principles and standards.
  • Commands excellent problem solving and deduction skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Willingness to take responsibility and driven to meet deadlines.
Technical Requirements
  • Familiar knowledge of mechanical, material and reliability design principles.
  • Experience with SolidWorks CAD software; part, assemblies and file management.
  • Experience in the creation of professional level design documentation including requirements, assembly drawings, fabrication drawings, bills of material, test plans, FMEA, work instructions.
  • Experienced with machine shop equipment and an understanding of manufacturing processes.
  • Experienced with file management systems and documentation control.
  • Experience with the design of floating and subsea marine systems and applications.
  • Familiar with principles of fluid dynamics, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces on floating structures.
  • Experienced with the selection and application of modelling tools to accelerate mechanical design.
  • Experienced with the design of mooring systems and deployment/recovery procedures.
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