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Leaders in innovative environmental technologies.
AXYS is your trusted solution for accurate, reliable, & complete ocean data measurement.

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is a global leader in developing innovative technologies for a variety of marine focused applications including offshore wind resource assessment, real-time weather forecasting, and environmental monitoring from the tropics to the poles. With over 49 years of experience AXYS has a dedicated team available for the design, manufacturing, remote operational management, and services of these advanced oceanographic environmental monitoring systems

AXYS headquarters are located in beautiful Sidney, British Columbia.


Highest data certainty in the industry backed with independent empirical evidence.

The strongest track record in the industry.
The AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel™ has passed over 23 offshore performance verifications with 80+ months of data collected across 6 Met Masts, 1 onshore LiDAR, and 3 continents. All of which passed Carbon Trust Standards.

MetOcean & wind data accuracy.
AXYS has over 47 years of experience in collecting MetOcean and wind measurements from FLiDAR, MetOcean buoys and fixed structures such as sea bed frames and mounted weather stations.


Redundant, robust systems ensure access to the data you need.

Best in class reliability.
AXYS buoys offer renewable energy sources for continued multi-year operation, as well as sensor and telemetry backup integration.

It’s rough out there. Trust us.
For over 47 years AXYS buoy systems have been delivering mission-critical environmental data from some of the world harshest environments. Including: bomb cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, monsoons, typhoons & super typhoons.


Turnkey solutions to ensure the success of your campaign from start to finish.

Operating experience.
The AXYS service team has over 60 years of extensive experience and can provide board level diagnostics/repairs in the field, or in the AXYS service & production laboratory, located in Sidney, B.C. Learn more

Data security.
AXYS provides clients with accurate data delivered securely through the AXYS-APS platform, a robust and secure web-based portal for controlling a network of systems and sensors.
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Custom solutions.
AXYS has experience designing & building custom monitoring systems for more than 45 years. Following a thorough analysis of the project’s monitoring requirements, AXYS can design a system that meets or exceeds our clients project criteria. The AXYS Services team is able to provide training on every system delivered, as well as commissioning and deployment assistance. Get a custom quote


AXYS believes in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment in which we operate.

We strive to continuously minimize our environmental impact by making our business practices more sustainable and helping organizations track environmental impacts with our products. From using solar energy to power our products, to implementing a company-wide “trash can ban” to significantly reduce waste, AXYS has demonstrated our commitment to environmental stewardship through a variety of initiatives.

AXYS affirms environmental sustainability efforts through green level status. 
AXYS Technologies Inc has successfully re-certified with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective (VIGBC) at their prominent GREEN level status. This program recognizes the efforts businesses make in reducing their environmental impact. AXYS has also achieved Ocean Friendly Business status with the Surfrider Foundation, who work towards coastal preservation by reducing the use of plastics which commonly pollute oceans. AXYS joined these programs in 2016 and look to continue these environmental sustainability efforts throughout 2024 and forward.

Certificates & Permits

QHSE – AXYS is an ISO 14001 (Environment), 45001 (Health and Safety), and ISO 9001 (Quality) certified company. 

Accurate Data – AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel is Stage 3 Certified to Carbon Trust Standards supporting the buoy’s reputation for accurate and reliable data. Click here to learn more 

The AXYS WindSeeker has been certified to Stage 2 base off of the Carbon Trust Standards Roadmap. 

Permit to Practice – AXYS has received the Permit to Practice from The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of British Columbia. 


GSE Rentals have selected the TRIAXYS Wave buoy and the TRIAXYS Wave & Current buoy as our primary and preferred wave buoy solutions. We have been working with AXYS and providing TRIAXYS buoys to our clients for the last 10 years with excellent results.

The technical support provided by AXYS has been of very high quality and has been part of the success for our clients’ monitoring projects. The buoys provided by AXYS have operated according to their specifications and have provided excellent data return rates.
GSE Rentals
The Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System consists of ten AXYS WatchKeeper buoys located throughout the Chesapeake Bay, continuously reporting real-time oceanographic, biological, water quality, and meteorological data. Data from the WatchMan500 are transmitted via commercial cellular network and collected using the AXYS DMS software. The DMS software is an extremely reliable and flexible product that meets all the system operational and development needs.

As the first Program Manager and Technical Lead for CBIBS, I recommend the initial selection of AXYS products, acquired them for the system, and I continue to be pleased with their performance and reliability. Support from AXYS technical and professional staff has been excellent over the years. The WatchKeeper buoys themselves have survived numerous storms and hurricanes, as well as ship impacts, with little or no damages.
Caribbean Wind
National Cheng Kung University purchased a FLiDAR WindSentinel system from AXYS Technologies as the first floating LiDAR system for the Asian market. The FLiDAR WindSentinel was selected for its flexibility and mobility that enables significant cost and time savings compared to constructing a meteorological tower.

As an early launch customer for the FLiDAR WindSentinel, NCKU worked with AXYS to identify ways to increase the robustness of the system. Improvements implemented from these early trials have further increased the reliability of AXYS current FLiDAR 6M offering.
National Cheng Kung University
AXYS has supplied Environment Canada with payload systems for use in NOMAD, three meter and WatchKeeper buoys deployed in the Northern Pacific Ocean, Western Atlantic and inland lakes in Canada. Our network includes 16 NOMADs, five of which were supplied on a turnkey basis by AXYS. AXYS has also been under contract to supply Environment Canada with factory and field maintenance services. These services include regular system maintenance, calibration, technological upgrades, mooring design and construction, training, and shipboard deployment and recovery support.

At Environment Canada, we are pleased with the data provided by the moored buoy network. The AXYS systems in use have performed very well with an operational reliability of better than 95% on the payloads. In addition, the technical support provided by AXYS has been of a high quality and has played a major part in the success of the program.
Environment Canada
Since 2012, DHI has acquired 12 TRIAXYS Wave & Current buoys from AXYS Technologies Inc. The TRIAXYS Wave & Current buoys are deployed at offshore wind farms in the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea and transmit near real-time directional wave data and current profile data, which assists the weather forecasting and daily operations in and around the wind farms
We purchased a 1.8 metre diameter WatchMate data buoy from AXYS Technologies under a project funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency and supported by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In addition to the supply of the above buoy system, AXYS also provided 3 days of on site training at their Sidney facility, and assisted in the delivery of the buoy to the Institute of Ocean Sciences, where it was loaded onto the Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Sir Wilfred Laurier for deployment.

The WatchMate buoy was deployed to the harsh Bering Strait region near Alaska. During this time the buoy provided a very high data return rate (99%). It also survived some very harsh marine conditions, including 9 metre waves and 40 knot winds. We were very impressed with how AXYS operates, from the initial systems requirements discussions right through to recovery of the buoy. We found them to be very open, honest and flexible in meeting our needs. We can highly recommend the WatchMate buoy as a high performing and reliable scientific instrument.
University of Victoria, Department of Geography
The FLiDAR WindSentinel has provided Grand Valley State University an unprecedented opportunity to collect a wide range of wind and other research data from our Great Lakes. This first of its kind research effort and the data accumulated provides a base line for researchers and wind energy development efforts to come. Our work not only advances the knowledge base of the wind resource of Lake Michigan but also makes break through contributions to topics as diverse as boundary layer research and the previously unknown movement and migratory habits of bats over the Lake.
Grand Valley State University, Michigan
The School of Ocean Technology of the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland currently leads the Placentia Bay ‘SmartBay’ Ocean Observation initiative. SmartBay plays an important role in support of industrial operations in Placentia Bay. SmartBay went ‘live’ in September 2006 with deployment of its first meteorological/ oceanographic buoy, an AXYS 3-metre discus. With the exception of regular maintenance the unit has performed reliably since that time despite being located in one of the world’s harshest operating environments.

With over three years of operational experience, I can confidently say that we are impressed with the performance of the 3-metre buoy and have no hesitation recommending it for either short or long term deployment application. The level of support and assistance provided by AXYS Technologies has been excellent and in some instances ‘beyond the call’.
Marine Institute School of Ocean Technology
Puma Energy purchased a 1.8 meter WatchMate ODAS buoy from AXYS Technologies Inc. The WatchMate buoy was purchased to assist the operations team to assess the safe mooring of vessels delivering fuel bulk cargos to the terminal. In addition to the above buoy system, AXYS personnel traveled to San Jose, Guatemala to provide system training, commission the buoy and assist with its deployment.

AXYS has provided great customer support, beginning with the initial correspondence discussing the buoy through to regular customer service when required by staff operating the buoy. We would certainly recommend AXYS Technologies as a leading manufacturer of ODAS buoys.
Puma Energy
BMT WBM purchased a HydroLevel Mini buoy from AXYS Technologies, via AXYS’s Australian representative Metocean Services International. The buoy was acquired to reduce offshore tidal data collected using a number of seabed mounted tide gauges in Darwin, Australia to a common datum. In addition to the supply of the buoy system, AXYS personnel provided system training to BMT WBM staff at AXYS’ facility in Sidney, B.C. Since acquisition of the buoy, BMT WBM has used the buoy for a similar project in Gladstone, Australia and is currently proposing its use for another project in Western Australia.

AXYS has provided great customer support, beginning with the initial correspondence discussing the buoy through to regular customer service when required by staff operating the buoy. We would certainly recommend AXYS Technologies as a leading manufacturer of ODAS buoys.


AXYS offers a competitive compensation and benefits plan. Including medical, dental & life insurance, training, sports subsidy, as well as various company activities. We are continuously seeking motivated people who share our core values and are committed to team work, creating high quality products, and improving their skills and competencies.

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Co-Op Positions for Students

We offer students unique and interesting opportunities to gain valuable work experience and learn new skills with experienced professionals. We work with the Co-op departments at University of Victoria and Camosun College to hire students for 4 or 8 month terms. Their experience at AXYS is challenging and rewarding, where they are required to learn by doing and have opportunities to come up with solutions for real problems, along with an experienced team leader. Many of our co-op students come back for another term later in their education, or seek out permanent positions at AXYS once they have graduated. AXYS is proud to support students in their educational goals – we believe that learning by doing creates excellence in the work force.

For open co-op positions please check the University of Victoria and Camosun Co-op Job Listings.

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