Port Sentinel™ Automated Weather Station

 A self-contained, fully automated environmental monitoring station designed for port & harbor environments.

The AXYS Port Sentinel™ is a self-contained and fully automated weather and water level station that can be deployed in key locations in a port or along its approaches to facilitate vessel traffic management operations. Typical sensor configurations provide wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, current speed, current direction and water level (tide).


Real-time meteorological data, current speed, current direction, & water levels

Solar powered

Choice of telemetry & sensor options

Able to transmit data over AIS transponders


  • Maritime domain awareness
  • Ports & harbors
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Waves
  • Current speed & direction
  • Water level
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Environmental data plays an important role in port operations. Access to timely and meaningful information can assist decision-makers faced with planning, operations, security, and safety.


A unique feature of the AXYS Port Sentinel™ is its ability to transmit over AIS transponders, as mandated by the International Marine Organization (IMO).


The AXYS Port Sentinel™ system was designed to interface with all IMO type-approved AIS Class A transponders and to complement the available information with environmental data. This data can optionally be combined with data collected from AXYS MetOcean buoy systems to provide a complete picture of the meteorological and oceanographic conditions as well as water levels. Collected information can be broadcast in real time to vessel traffic management (VTMS) centers, pilots, port managers, ship operators and bridge crew.


AXYS Technologies works closely with manufacturers of Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS) to ensure that environmental information can be displayed using the most commonly distributed software packages.

Port Sentinel™ Specifications

Standard sensors: 
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Barometric pressure
  • Air temperature

Optional sensors: 
  • Water level
  • Sea surface
  • Temperature
  • Currents speed & direction
  • Water levels
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation
  • Security camera

Operational environment: 
  • WatchMan 500 System to manage sensors, telemetry and power. System enclosed in an IP67 NEMA 4X enclosure and capable to operate between -20°C to +50°C.
  • AXYS Data Management System (DMS) and optional AXYS-APS secure portal for accessing and managing data remotely and in real-time.

Power system options: 
  • 12 VDC
  • 120/240 VAC

Telemetry options: 
  • Ethernet
  • Inmarsat IsatData Pro
  • AIS AtoN
  • WatchMan500

Port Sentinel Controller
The WatchMan500™ architecture is a key building block of the payload system proven in Environment Canada’s Weather Buoy Network.

The WatchMan500™ continuously monitors all sensors and outputs AIS-compatible message types at a user-specified interval.

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