FLiDAR WindSentinel™

Accurate, reliable, & complete wind & MetOcean datasets 

Uncertainty rates below 4%

+95% Annual data availability

825+ Commercial campaign months

Certified to Carbon Trust Standards

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduces the cost of offshore wind resource assessments
  • Proven platform designed to perform in extreme marine environments
  • Portable, reusable, easier to permit
  • The faster and more accurate way to gather offshore wind data across multiple locations
  • The largest fleet of FLiDAR in the industry
  • The most campaigns across 5-6 different oceans or seas

The WindSentinel™ is a world leading wind resource assessment buoy that uses LiDAR to accurately measure wind speed and wind direction at turbine hub-height and across the blade span.

The WindSentinel utilizes industry standard LiDARs from ZephIR and WINDCUBE supported by redundant energy sources, data collection systems and telemetries designed to reduce data dropouts in harsh environments.

The standard system contains full meteorological & ocean data, including waves and currents. The WindSentinel is the only system that utilizes a generator system and forty lead acid batteries to ensure operation in the event of failure of renewable power supplies, making it the most trusted system in the market.

The WindSentinel™ is the faster and more accurate way to gather offshore wind data across multiple locations, for less money. Deploy a WindSentinel™ to perform resource assessments without the high costs and bureaucratic hurdles associated with fixed met tower construction.


LiDAR options: 
  • ZX LiDAR
Standard sensors
  • Anemometer
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air temperature & relative humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Directional wave measurements
  • Current profiler
  • Water temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity

Optional sensors:
  • Bird and bat sensors
  • water quality
  • other custom sensors

Hull overview: 
Welded aluminum hull with steel components and a mooring yoke. Four water tight compartments for electronics.
Basic dimensions: 
8100kg, 6m (L) x 31m (W) x 9m (H)

Power systems:  Wind turbines and solar, with backup diesel generator

Safety & navigation: 
  •  IALA standard lamp
  •  Radar reflector
  • AIS transponder
  • GPS Watchcircle

  • Low & high bandwidth satellite
  • Cellular radio
  • Wi-fi & bluetooth

LiDAR sensors rated from -40C to +50C, and other sensors rated for extreme marine environments.

Capable of mooring in 10m to >4000m

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