HydroLevel™ Tide Level Buoy

A highly accurate tide/water-level measuring system using advanced GPS and motion sensing technologies.

The HydroLevel™ buoy accurately monitors tide/water level elevation in any body of water. It is a precision instrument incorporating the latest DGPS and motion sensing technologies, making it the leading solution and an accurate, easy to use, rugged product. Data is available in real time if RTK or Satellite correction service is used. Otherwise elevations can be calculated in post processing from logged data.


Highly accurate with near real time tide & water level measurements

Solar powered option available

Remote configuration capabilities

Convenient options for short & long term deployments


  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Tailing ponds
  • Sea level studies
  • Marine traffic safety
  • Dredging operations
  • Tide monitoring
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DGPS measurements provide solid earth tide corrections and the HydroLevel™ buoy GPS receiver incorporates these real-time correctors at the position and time measured by the GPS receiver.


The HydroLevel™ GPS Processor was developed from the successful low-power WatchMan500™ payload processor, specifically designed by AXYS for the marine environment. The processor integrates sensor systems and provides onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry and diagnostic/set-up routines.


Data transmitted from the buoy includes buoy configuration, status data, position, and WatchCircle™ Alarm messages. Data is also stored on the buoy’s internal data logger. AXYS Data Management Software (DMS), can be installed on a PC to automatically receive, decode and display data transmitted from the buoy. Decoded data is auto-archived in both file and database formats for further use.


Set up and communication with the HydroLevel™ buoy takes place either through a waterproof connector on the buoy hull, a Bluetooth wireless connection built into the buoy, or remotely. All of the buoy set-up parameters can be adjusted and monitored using the wireless interface, enabling easy field configuration and testing.

*Third party correction service is required for RINEX file post processing

HydroLevel™ Specifications

System dimensions: 
0.6m, 0.9m, 1.8m hull options available as a payload

  • Processor: AXYS WatchMan500™
  • GPS: 12 channel, RTK Dual Band

  • Mooring:
    • Inverse catenary
    • Semi-taut
    • False bottom
    • Drifted

    • Processor: AXYS WatchMan500™
    • Elevation: Resolution 1cm
    • Accuracy: Better than 10cm
    Power System: 
    • 0.6m: 1 @ 12 volt, 100Ah rechargeable battery
    • 0.9m: 4 @ 12 Volt, 100 Ah rechargeable battery + 10 solar panels @ 6 Watt

    Telemetry Options: 

    Alarms & Tracking: 
    • GPS package indicates whether buoy is on-station
    • WatchCircle Alarm Position Verification

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