Ocean Sentinel NOMAD™ MetOcean Buoy

The NOMAD MetOcean Buoy is a reliable data collection buoy for extreme weather conditions & remote deployments.

Withstands extreme marine weather

Renewable energy source for continued multi-year operation

Able to Integrate with any sensor & telemetry

Real-time meteorological, oceanographic & water quality data

  • Weather forecasting
  • Climate studies
  • Operations & safety
  • Resource assessment
  • Maritime safety 
  • Marine domain awareness

The NOMAD (Navy Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic Device) hull was originally designed in the 1940s for the U.S. Navy’s offshore data collection program. The hull was adapted by both U.S. National Data Buoy Centre (NDBC) and Environment Canada to be equipped with met sensors, telemetry payloads and deployed along the extensive coasts of both countries.

AXYS made modifications to the NOMAD hull to improve its functionality as a MetOcean buoy, which was adopted by Canada’s Atmospheric Environment Service for deep ocean stations off the East and West coasts of Canada. A full complement of meteorological and oceanographic sensors can be accommodated, while a wind turbine, solar panels and rechargeable batteries provide power to operate the electronics payload.

There is sufficient space on and in the hull to carry additional payload systems, including AXYS’ WindSentinel and Ocean Sentinel configurations.


A wide array of sensors can be integrated:
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • air temperature/relative humidity
  • solar radiation
  • barometric pressure
  • wave height
  • direction & period
  • current speed & direction
  • GPS
  • compass
  • CTD
  • radiation
  • water quality sonde.

2- way telemetry options:
  • Inmarsat IsatData Pro
  • Iridium

Navigation aids, alarms and buoy tracking:
GPS package indicates whether buoy is on station. WatchCircle Alarm Position Verification.

Proven AXYS designed mooring options:

Inverse catenary, chain, semi-taut, or false bottom

Data access & management: 
WatchMan500 on-buoy telemetry power and sensor management

Proven aid-to-navigation (AToN) platform:

Welded aluminum. Four watertight compartments for electronics, batteries and sensors. Aluminum superstructure and steel substructure are bolted onto the hull.

Renewable power supply:

1 Kw wind turbine.  Solar supplemented rechargeable batteries 2 x 200W solar panels

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